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Empowered Self Program


Are you making decisions from your functional adult or your wounded inner child?


As uncomfortable as it may feel to ask, there is empowerment, clarity, and freedom on the other side of this awareness!


You absolutely deserve that!


This program is based on Post Induction Therapy which guides us back to

remembering our divine worth that is always within us.

Let me ask you,


Could your confidence be stronger?


Are you comfortable with setting boundaries?


Are your relationships filling you up or draining you?


Our tools for making decisions on how we conduct relationships stem from childhood. Some of those tools were actually developed in response to trauma.


If we don’t become aware of this, then we allow our inner traumatized child to be making the decisions for us in our lives and relationships.


This inner-child deserves to be seen, heard, loved and as you gain the tools to integrate with your functional adult, you take the weight off that child’s shoulders.


You get the beauty of a life that comes when you deeply trust and love yourself.

How does it work?

These tools are offered to you through a digital program that can be experienced in your own pace.


There will be a time-line structure that you can follow, but you are more than welcome to dive-in intensive style or slow it down and spend more time on each process.

There are two points in the program where you will be encouraged to work with a therapist, this can be scheduled with Lauren, or one of the other Post Induction Therapists recommended. 

Week 1.png
week 2.png
Week 3.png
Week 4.png

Week 1 


Benefits of the Functional adult


Ground Rules and What to Expect



Week 2


Written Work 



Week 3


Functional Adult Meditation

Inner Child Meditation

Week 4


Feelings Reduction



Mind, Body and SoulFit Yoga


This program will be delivered to you with 11 videos, a bonus yoga video, 2 guided meditations and several worksheets to guide you to your new level of peace.

Therapy Intensives can cost
Thousands of dollars

In addition to
Time off & Travel

We are changing that.

Learn the tools in your time 
for one payment of


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